AirPodCleaner air purifiers feature up to 9-stage air purification technology that outperforms the Oreck ®, Ionic Breeze ®, Blueair ® and Sharp ® air purifiers and filters pollen, smoke, air pollutants, odors, bacteria, germs, mold, pet dander & more…
"The only air purifier that
Detects Pollen, Odor and Dust
and then cleans the air 9 ways!"

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MT2 Air Purifier - 6-stage protection for the bedroom at the lowest cost!!


New!!      Airpod MT2 Air Purifier      New!!
Advanced AirPodCleaner 6-Stage Air Purifier
Designed for the Bedroom at the Lowest Cost!!

Sug. Retail  $169  -

NOW $119.00 !!

- Save $50!

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Product Features:

Ultra Quiet 3-Speed Fan - Effectively moves and cleanses the air in all indoor household and office environments.

6-Stage Detection, Diagnostic, Filtration and Purification System:


1. Washable Pre-Filter - Removes large airborne particles, allows the other filters to work more effectively and extends the overall life of your air purification/filtration system.
2. Activated Carbon Filter - Far and away the most effective filter for absorbing pet and other odors, toxic gases and hazardous chemical fumes including cigarette smoke and everything from paint fumes and toilet odors to poison gases.
3. High-Performance HEPA Filter - A must have technology for those suffering from allergies and asthma, this filter is tested 99.97% effective in capturing harmful airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns including dust, pollen, bacteria as well as other harmful airborne germs and pollutants.
4. Ultraviolet (UV) Light Irradiation - Recommended by the Centers of Disease Control and numerous other government and private agencies, ultraviolet light actually breaks down the molecular structure of mold, bacteria, viruses and other airborne germs rendering them harmless.
5. Anion Continuous Negative Ion Generation - Helps put back the naturally occurring, healthy air cleansing properties of negative ions that urban living steals from mother nature. Extremely effective at clearing smoke, decreasing carbon monoxide levels, combating airborne infections and even reducing fatigue.
6. Washable Electrostatic Dust Collector Plates - The electrostatically-charged dust collector grid traps tobacco smoke, pollen, dust, pet dander and other harmful airborne particles and pollutants like a magnet.

4-Mode Automatic On/Off Settings:


1. Manual on-off for continuous operation
2. 1-Hour for 1 hour continuous on then automatic turn-off
3. 2-Hour for 2 hours continuous on then automatic turn-off
4. 4-Hour for 4 hours continuous on then automatic turn-off

Intuitive Control Panel - Easy to read and understand.

Technical Specifications & Dimensions:

Air Purifier Specs:

Air Flow Volume Air Exchange Rate Noise
400 sq ft 3 106 cfm
(on high)
(on high)
Low: 25 dB AC 100-120-60Hz 45 W
(on high)
Med: 35 dB
High: 45 dB


Air Purifier Dimensions:

Height Width Depth Weight
11.8" 12.4" 7.6" 7.25 lbs


cfm: cubic feet per minute | cfh: cubic feet per hour | dB: decibels | Hz: hertz | W: watts | mm: millimeters | NM: nanometers

Air Exchange Rate: The time needed to filter the air once in the applicable area.

Parts, Supplies & Accessories:

Part Description:

Part #


MT2 Combined HEPA/Activated Carbon Filter HFAC-MT2 $23.95
MT2 UV Light Bulb UV-MT2 $14.95



AirPodCleaner warrants air purifiers to the original consumer purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal operation and use for a period of three (3) years, from the date of original purchase. Under the terms of the warranty, AirPodCleaner will repair or replace any defective part(s) free of charge.

Upon discovery of a product defect, within the warranty period, you should immediately notify AirPodCleaner via telephone, or email to obtain product return and shipping instructions. You should send the product, shipping charges prepaid, to the designated service location, accompanied by your name, address and telephone number, proof of purchase date and a description of the defect.

The warranty does NOT include unusual wear, damage resulting from accident or unreasonable use and also does not include replacement filters.




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